2.    Meals and Lodging

When US missioners arrive, they will pass through Customs.  Prior to departure from the US, missioners will have obtained their visas through the Tanzanian embassy in Washington, DC.  If any missioners fail to have obtained their visas, they will need to obtain them at the airport.  The cost will be the same, but the acquisition of visas in the US will enable expedited processing of international visitors at Kilimanjaro Airport.

One or more representatives of the Company will greet them at the airport, ensure that any arrival complications are taken care of, and chauffeur to pre-arranged lodging arranged specifically for them.  The Company anticipates providing quarters in rather nice facilities, where all meals and other essential lodging arrangements will be provided.  At the time of this writing, the most likely candidate for lodging and meals lies a short distance from the main artery passing from the airport and through the heart of Arusha.  It is called MasaiLand Safari & Lodge. A person can Google it to see pictures.

Tanzania maintains a reputation of general safety for international visitors.  Nevertheless, the security of a gated resort will enhance personal safety and the protection of personal belongings.