Shoulders TZ Entrepreneurial Empowerment Ventures (Shoulders) enhances the opportunity of entrepreneurial success for aspiring Christian entrepreneurs living in Tanzania by educating and leveraging hands-on assistance in business start-up steps necessary to maximize success probability that results in “partner-able” and credible business plans and that embodies Christian love, brotherhood, and respect between Christian disciples rooted in dramatically different cultures and circumstances.

  1. Invest venture capital into US-based venture partnerships that then partner with aspiring Tanzanian entrepreneurs,
  2. Leverage the knowledge and experience gained from education and practical experience in business,
  3. Engage the ideas and dreams of Tanzanian individuals into actionable endeavors,
  4. Help transform them into realistically meaningful plans and momentum,
  5. Mentor and guide resultant Tanzanian partners through the entrepreneurship experience,
  6. Share their experiences with fellow US-based Christians that then,
  7. Help to arrange additional resultant partnerships.